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Eberly's Army was founded in August, 2008 by 4 soccer fans sitting in a Mother Egan's Pub on 6th Street while watching an MLS match. The belief was that the soccer community in Austin needed a group that would not only support the newly launched Austin Aztex, but also soccer in general in Austin. From those small beginnings, and under the original name Chantico's Army, the seed was planted. The Army would go on to support soccer in Austin through the good (the 2013 USL PDL National Championship) and the bad (when the original Aztex owner moved the club to Orlando, FL). Following a band change in April, 2011 from Chantico's Army to Eberly's Army, the organization has gone on to grow it's membership and influence. Attending every Austin Aztex home game, Eberly's Army continues to work closely with the Austin Aztex as well as several local supporters groups to grow the game in Central Texas.

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  • FC Austin Elite

    Austin's Elite Women's soccer team, playing in the WPSL.

  • The Tavern

    80 years as Austin's favorite sports bar.

    • 922 West 12th Street, Austin, TX
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