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The American Outlaws began as a loose-affiliation of enthusiastic soccer supporters in Lincoln, Nebraska. To ensure consistency and to set a foundation for supporters of the United States Men’s National Team, that affiliation grew into a national organization of over 100 chapters. Together, these chapters provide an outlet for fans across the country and throughout the world to support their nation’s team in its quest for international glory.


The Austin chapter of the American Outlaws began in May 2010, at Mister Tramps Sports Bar in North Austin. As the loyal supporter’s group grew in size and attracted members from all over the city, the chapter bar has moved on several occasions. In 2011, the Outlaws gathered at Fado Irish Pub. The chapter than relocated to West Campus, and spent several years cheering on the Yanks from the patio of Cuatro’s.

Now, the Outlaws pound the hardwood tables, walls, and floors of the new East Austin bar, Haymaker.


The American Outlaws: Austin works to create a fun and enthusiastic way to support the USMNT. The chapter brings together all Austinites under one banner to encourage fellowship and to galvanize support for the national team. Come to a game at Haymaker; enjoy the fare, and take home a lifetime of memories, friends and American victories.

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  • Haymaker

    Regionally-Inspired Comfort Sandwiches, Craft Beer, & Poutine

    • 2310 Manor Rd, Austin, TX
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