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Why hitch my organization's wagon to the Supporters Union train?
Supporters Union's goal is to support Austin soccer supporters and soccer culture. When your organization is part of Supporters Union, you have a greater voice in growing the soccer community and you help unify the Austin market. This is critical when it comes to issues like a bringing a professional soccer team to Austin, building a soccer-specific stadium, and attracting events like international friendlies.
Being part of a collaborative community also helps everyone involved pool resources and share information.
  • Why is that SG having such great memberhip growth?
  • Where'd that pub get those great new promotional t-shirts?
  • How do you make a stadium-compliant flag pole?
Collectively, we have the answers to these and a lot more questions.
Every organization will have their contact person invited to be a part of our Supporters Union Supporter Leadership Council. This committee will help collaborate, coordinate, and execute initiatives to move the Austin soccer market forward. These include:
  • Charity events
  • Pep rallies
  • Pub crawls
  • Advocacy: Making sure supporters are heard and represented by stakeholders such as local government and soccer club (or potential club) owners
  • Group/Bulk purchases of supplies like tifo materials, membership kits, and promotional materials
  • Any other issues that matter to the supporters community
My organization already has a web page, Twitter account, etc. Why get listed here?
We can better promote your organization on the site, at events, and on social media.
It helps make it easier for new fans/supporters/customers to find you.
SEO. Inbound links from highly-targeted sites like Supporters Union help boost your search rankings with the big-G.
We're also getting your rival pub, supporters group, soccer club on-board — don't be left out. We're all in this together to make soccer the "other" sport people think of when they think "Austin." Supporters Union is a neutral community to collaborate; match day is when we get to yell and scream at each other for 90 minutes.
Can this help me attract new members/customers/fans?
Yes. We aim to be the "SportsCenter for Austin Supporters" or "do512 of soccer." We've already received numerous comments that people enjoy following the Supporters Union site and social accounts because they want to keep up with everything soccer in town but don't want to follow everyone and add additional noise to their feed. Supporters Union posts all the "highlights" to keep everyone up-to-speed. Once a Supporters Union member gets to know you, that creates your great opportunity to win them over.
My organization is barely online. We basically have a Facebook Page. Can you help?
Yes! Some of the ways Supporters Union can help boost your online presence:
  • Your Supporters Union Profile could act as your official webpage; we can even help you point a custom domain to it.
  • We welcome articles. Supporters Union provides a place to publish news important to your group and to the Austin soccer community.
  • If you're using a number of online resources to manage your community, your Suppporters Union profile helps create a one-stop dashboard for members to quickly access them.
  • We're a community. Reach out to other organizations and ask how they're doing the things you'd like to be doing.
What's it Cost?
Nothing. We're building a collaborative community run for and by those invested in Austin soccer. Organization membership, like Supporter membership is completely free.
Okay, we'd love to grow to a point where it makes sense for your organization to contribute deals (*cough*beer specials*cough*) to members, help sponsor events, etc. It also means that we as a community want to provide the right kind of RoI for your group or business.
Still Not Convinced?
Reach out to the many organizations who are already part of Supporters Union . See what they think.
Question not answered?
Drop us a line.

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