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You've Got Questions, Here's Some Answers

Why join this or yet another supporters group?
Supporters Union is more like an extension of the local supporters groups already in Austin. If you are already part of one or more, being a part of Supporters Union helps lend your perspective and influence local soccer culture.
If you're just exploring soccer and not part of another SG, the Union is a great starting point to get to know the local groups and soccer in Austin.
It's free! Being a member is a one-stop shop for keeping in touch with the local soccer scene.
What will you do with my information?
Your email address is used for identification and to send you newsletters and other important information. It's not for sale.
The rest of your profile information helps us understand the groups you are interested in, where members live, and other data we can aggregate to help provide a better soccer experience in Austin.
Are there membership kits?
Not yet. We'll likely add them as part of additional membership tiers in the future. That said, we'll be working with groups, businesses, and sponsors to provide special offers and gear.
Question not answered?
Drop us a line.

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