About Supporters Union

Est. 2012

Supporting Supporters

Supporters Union is a non-profit collective of soccer supporters with a mission to promote Austin as a soccer market through unifying existing fans and recruiting new ones.

Our Mission

  1. An Amplifier: Supporters Union is supporters' organization focused on helping grow interest in soccer, making supporter culture accessible to those just finding "the beautiful game", and help unify and amplify the various soccer supporters' groups in Austin.
  2. A Recruiter: Collaborate and create more organized evangelism to introduce future fans to soccer and welcome them into Austin supporters groups and culture
  3. A Connector: Create an inviting atmosphere for all, regardless of age, gender, race, orientation, and/or ability.
  4. An Investor: Work with those involved in the business of soccer to help them succeed in bringing professional soccer to Austin. At the same time, advocate for supporters and maintain a voice in the growth of professional soccer in Austin
  5. A Cause: Use the power and resources of Supporters to help support charitable and youth programs in the Austin community. We live here; we support here.

How We Operate

  • Collaborate with the leadership of local supporters groups to help promote their groups and the sport
  • Representatives from interested supporters groups and other organization help shape our policies and initiatives
  • Foster communication between groups and businesses to share ideas and create better awareness of each others activities and challenges
  • Create scale to help supporters groups purchasing power and create more attention for community outreach
  • Be a central destination and resource for those getting into soccer and supporters culture, as well as interested parties looking for authoritative information on Austin as a growing soccer market
  • Two words: Pub directory!